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What is Included in a Private Chef Experience?
What is Included in a Private Chef Experience?

Everything you need to know about experiences.

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Private chef experiences vary, dependent on the type selected. Read on to find out more about what is included within each option:

At Epicurate, we partner with the world's most passionate providers. For all private chef experiences, chefs will source and gather the best possible ingredients (local, seasonal etc.) to prepare you and your guests a first-class dining opportunity. Most experiences, with the exception of delivery, will also include clean-up at the end of your meal.

While most of our experiences are prepared and served in-house by the chef, delivery and select other services may be dropped off with varying levels of setup. Additionally, many in-house experiences also offer optional amenities for you and your guests to choose from such as entertaining cooking lessons and menu upgrades to tableware options, bartenders, sommeliers, and service staff.

Each experience should describe what is included, but if you have any questions, please reach out to our Culinary Concierge team who will be happy to help!


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