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How Do I Prepare for the Arrival of Chef?
How Do I Prepare for the Arrival of Chef?

What to do and expect on the date of your event.

Updated this week

On the day of your dining experience, your chef will generally arrive 1-2 hours prior to your started seating time in order to prepare. This arrival time may vary depending on the type of service chosen. If your chef has not been in contact to let you know their ETA, we encourage you to reach out to them.

Here are a few helpful tips to get the best from your experience:

  • If you will not be at your home or vacation property at the time of chef's arrival, make sure you have let them know how to access the property.

  • Ensure that your kitchen, and any equipment, is clean and ready for use with the dishwasher empty and unloaded. This allows your chef team to focus on the food, service, presentation, and interaction with guests.

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