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How Do I Book a Private Chef Experience?

What steps do I need to take to secure an experience booking.

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Step One - Select Your Location

  • Select your closest location or region from the location dropdown on the home page

  • Enter your preferred date for the experience booking

  • Add the guest count if you know it and select 'SEARCH'

Image showing the location dropdown from the website homepage.

Step Two - Browse Experiences

  • Browse through the experience types to find your preferred service style

  • Select an experience to learn more about what is included - once inside an individual experience, you may view the menu options by expanding each course

  • Each experience will show you how many options from each course are included, as well as information on additional and optional amenities

Step Three - Make Your Booking or Submit a Request

  • Once you have decided which experience you would like to book simply enter the following information:

    • The date you would like the experience

    • The start time - this is the time you would like to eat

    • The number of guests including adults and children

    • Any notes that you would like chef to know - this could include allergy information, dietary preferences, customization requests or a brief message about a special occasion

If the date you have selected is available to be instantly booked, you will see a 'Book' button allowing you to make an instant booking. If the date is not available for an instant booking, you will see a 'Submit Your Request' button allowing you to submit a booking request directly to chef.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Concierge team who will be happy to help!

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