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Can I Modify the Menu?

Can I modify the menus for dietary restrictions?

Updated this week

Absolutely! When making a reservation, you will be able to make choices from the menus that the chef has created. You will also be able to add notes for the chef, as well as any dietary requirements or preferences.

If you would like to request customization or changes beyond what is listed, our advice is to secure the date by confirming with a deposit. Once your booking is confirmed, your chef is just a message away to discuss any other requests that you might have. See the help article: Can I Contact the Chef?

Once your booking is confirmed with a deposit, you may still return to your booking to make adjustments or changes up to 7-days before your experience date. If your experience date is less than 7-days away, then it may be too late to request changes. In this instance, please get in touch with your chef or reach out to our Epicurate Concierge team and we will do what we can to help.

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