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Is Gratuity Included in My Bill?
Is Gratuity Included in My Bill?

Should I tip my experience provider?

Updated over a week ago

Many of our services include a gratuity percentage, 100% of which goes to your chosen experience provider.

  • Gratuity, and the option to edit it, is set at the sole discretion of the experience provider and will be shown clearly on your booking proposal prior to confirmation.

  • Once a booking is confirmed, if the Chef has opted to allow editing, you can do so from a dropdown menu near the bottom of the booking page.

  • If your experience provider has provided you with an extraordinary service and you wish to add an additional gratuity after service, you are welcome to tip your provider in cash. Alternatively, reach out to us within 48-hours of your experience and we can help to add it to your original bill!

*Please note that the service fee is not a gratuity.

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