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How Is Menu Pricing Determined?
How Is Menu Pricing Determined?

Who sets the prices for private chef experiences?

Updated over a week ago

We take pride in curating a network of leading private chefs, each of whom are independent contractors. With this in mind, all experiences are priced directly by the providers themselves. Here is how menu pricing works:

  • Each culinary experience starts with a base price per person. This price includes a set number of courses and items, which you will be able to see clearly noted inside each experience.

  • When making a private chef booking, generally each person will receive the same meal. If you do have guests that have specific dietary requirements you will be able to make a note of those requirements during your booking process.

  • You may make as many additional selections as you like when making your booking. These additional selections will be clearly marked with either a full, or supplemental charge.

  • Many experiences also offer wonderful opportunities for optional add-ons such as wine pairings for coursed meals, charcuterie boards, welcome cocktails, and even floral arrangements. All optional amenities will be marked with a price per booking, per adult, or per child.

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